Thursday, July 31, 2014

Choosing Between A Laptop And A Tablet

The evolution of computers has gone from basic calculators to computers and from handy laptops to tablets. With the advancements made, the outer size of the device has diminished, but the capacity has significantly increased. So if you are looking forward to buy a new computing device, this comparison between tablet vs laptop will help you decide.

Latest tablets are able to do multiple tasks as a laptop or desktop computers can do. However, this does not make a laptops outdated. Instead, there are certain restrictions with tablet PC when compared to a laptop.

When looking at the input methods, we can see that the physical keyboard is missing in tablet devices. When it comes to creating presentations and typing documents it is easier in a laptop. However, you can connect an external keyboard to a tablet, if you have the provision to do so.

When it comes to storage, tablets are not as efficient as the laptop. Laptops can have hard disk space with as much as ten times the memory size of a tablet. Therefore, you can only opt to store data locally in a tablet, and the rest you will have to store either online or in a laptop or PC.

Some of the limitations in a tablet are when you use websites like booking a ticket or banking websites. The interface of such websites is easier to navigate when on a laptop than with a tablet. You would stumble upon some of the drop down menus in these websites while browsing them on a tablet, due to their non-adaptive interface.

As most banking websites make use of a lot of JavaScript, it will be much better to browse the website on a laptop. When flash is being used on the website, then there would not be many issues in a tablet, but you would not find it as easy as on a laptop.

To come over these limitations in a tablet, various apps developed by banking websites and shopping websites are designed in such a way that allows a user to work with ease, but if there are issues with the app, using it on a laptop will be the only way out.

Each device has its own pros and cons. When talking about portability, tablets would be easier to carry around than the laptops, but when comparing printing options in tablet vs laptop, we can conclude that it is easier in a laptop.

There are many other dimensions that set tablets and laptops apart. So it is better to settle upon a device that suits better as per your needs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Windows Tech Scammers Continue Haunting Customers

Scammers pretending to be Microsoft Tech support technicians continue to haunt people on phones and off late have become very bold and aggressive.

An alarming thing about these scammers is that they do not find any signs of slowing down, says the executive head of Microsoft’s customer service and support group, Kirsten Kliphouse. She also added that they have been hearing about the scammers through friends and family and the tier one technicians, that the scammers are getting stronger every day. It is not only individuals that they are targeting but also business people.

They call up customers and scare them talking about a possible viral attack, befriend them and offer to help with the issue. Later when they get into the customer's computer, they mess up with things leaving the customers helpless but express their grief and concerns to Microsoft.

These scammers are good at convincing the customers about the vulnerability of their computer system to viral attacks with the help of Windows logs. Since these Windows logs usually show the scores of errors with less impact, the scammers are able to convince the customers with the same and urge them for buying their product.

The helpless customers are charged with the worthless services. They are cunning enough to slip in malwares and spywares while they still have the customer’s system under control. Thus, with this, a good system turns into a useless electronic device. 

Back in the year 2010, these swindles were common and slowly picked up pace in the year 2011, with more and more such events occurring in the same year. Microsoft immediately warned the customers on this regard and asked them to be aware of such issues. In October 2012, Microsoft impelled FTC, federal trade commission to file charges against six fraudsters. Then later with the investigations, FTC found out that the virtual turmoil has reached another level because of the scammers.

In the year 2013, FTC settled with three alleged swindlers, imposing a judgment of 964,000 dollars in one of the instances and a 14,000 dollars fine in another one. Nevertheless, the investigations, penalties and the accusations could not do much to stem the tide of fraud calls.

This has affected the customers so adversely that they are not ready to even rely on genuine Microsoft tech support representatives. The tech support representatives find it difficult convincing the customers in order to gain access into the computer to render support. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Microsoft Offers Gift Cards And Special Offers To Ditch XP

Windows XP was recently removed from the list of supported products by the software maker Microsoft. But, fact is, nothing much has changed, there are millions still using this aging operating system.

The major problem for upgrading is the cost involved in migrating to newer versions. Identifying this problem, the software giant offered $50 gift cards to any Windows XP user who buys a new Windows 8.1 device. As per the latest data, more than 18 percent of the computers in this world are powered by Windows XP. This means a staggering number of Windows users have not yet moved on to newer versions. This is quite surprising when the company has already pulled the plug on the 13-year-old operating system software.

Their reluctance to move on to newer versions is quite understandable, especially when we start analyzing various problems. Many SMBs depend on Windows XP for their various projects or works. Many accounting software programs run only on Windows XP. Moreover, upgrading to newer versions and the training to be given to the personnel, is a costly affair. Not many SMBs would be willing to invest time, effort and money. Another possible reason for the reluctance is confusing interface of Window 8 or Windows 8.1. The new metro style is too modern for their taste. Some of the basic features are absent or not easily accessible. The most surprising one is the absence of Start.

Whatever may be the reason there are some stubborn users not willing to move to later versions of Windows. Experts over Microsoft live chat highlight that the tech giant is trying to do everything possible to convince Windows them to switch to upgraded Windows operating system. In order to get users to ditch Windows XP, they’ve revealed that users who purchased any one of 16 different Windows 8.1 powered machines were offered a $50 gift card (it was valid till April 30). This gift card is valid for future purchases at the software company’s e-store.

Another offer (much more recent), consists of $100 rebate on new systems and tablets for anyone who trades up from Windows XP. However, it is not for all systems. It is valid only for select computers priced at $599 or above.

Microsoft seems desperate to get rid of Windows XP. Even for users, there are not many options left other than migrating to newer and better versions of the Windows OS. I’d say that this is better now while the offer is valid. And so would many others.

For more news related to Windows XP, you can get in touch with experts over Microsoft live chat.